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Dedicated to Laser accessories for almost 10 years since the year of 2009.Various laser accessories we can provide for IPG,SPI,Precitec,Rofin,nLight,Coherent,Raycuts,WSX  & Max etc.

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Wobble Welding Head ND60



  • Strong Advantage in Welding highly reflective materials and high power welding.
  • Adopting two motors to drive the X, Y axis galvanometer lens with a variety of wobbling modes.
  • Allows the work piece with irregular welds and the larger clearance.Processing parameters can significantly improve the welding performance.
  • Well-sealed internal structure protects optical part from pollution by dust.
  • Air curtain parts prevent welding slag from entering head inside.
  • Protective windows drawer easy to replace.
  • Fit for QBH connector laser source.


Technical Parameters:


Fit for laser machine IPG,SPI,Rofin,nLight,Coherent,Raycus,Max,Cas,ZKZM,Super and Cetc-Txstar etc

Can be connected with QBH plug

Match with beneath 2000W(covered) power laser machine


Collimator Focal Length:          100mm , 150mm


Focal Length:                             200mm,250mm


Gross Weight:                           6.5kg