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Dedicated to Laser accessories for more than 10 years since the year of 2001.Our laser cutting head, with an advanced software platform, provides world-class manufacturers in automotive, plastics, electronics, consumer goods and more, a workforce multiplier that optimizes labor.

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3D Fiber Laser Cutting Head – V3D30



  • Take DD motors to guarantee high accuracy level and longer lifespan
  • Widely applied for multiple three dimensional cutting
  • Fit for laser source IPG,SPI,Rofin,nLight,Coherent,Raycus,Max,Cas,ZKZM,Super and Cetc-Txstar etc
  • Including collision detecting device
  • Max laser power 3000W


Technical Parameters:


Rotation Range Rotary Axis                    360°


Rotation Range Swivel Axis                    ±135°


Standard Speed                                          80r/min


Collimator Focal Length:                         100mm


Focal Length:                                              150mm,200mm


Vertical Adjustment Range:                    ±10mm


Horizontal Adjustment Range:              ±1.5mm


Clear Aperture:                                          25mm


Max Cutting Gas Pressure:                     25Bar


Gross Weight:                                            30kg