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Laser Maintenance in Winter

Laser Maintenance in Winter

Laser Maintenance in Winter


Spring comes and the temperature is getting warmer,  but in some areas has dropped to zero. If you want to warm yourself with more clothes when you feel cold, it is the right time you should pay attention to help your laser cutting machine anti-freezing, in order to avoid damage caused by freezing of the laser cutting machine in the cold season. These instructions about how to “warm” your laser cutting machine in frozen time you must be collected.

The basic principle of laser cutting machine antifreeze is that keeping the coolant in the laser cutting machine above the “frozen” point. There are several ways to achieve it, enumerate them one by one.

Method 1: Keep water cooler running after the laser cutting machine is not working.

When the laser cutting machine is not working, make sure that the power supply will not be cut-off(blackout), and do not turn off the water cooler. The coolant is kept in a circulating flow state, and the normal temperature can be adjusted to about 10 °C. This way the coolant temperature does not reach the freezing point, so the laser cutter will not be damaged.

Method 2: Drain the coolant in the laser cutting machine

The coolant in the various parts of the equipment is evacuated through the drain of the laser cutter. Inject pure gas to ensure that there is no coolant in the entire water circulation cooling system. This also ensures that the laser cutter will not be harmed by low temperatures.


Method 3: Replace the coolant in the laser cutting machine

The car running on the road in winter will replace the antifreeze for winter, and we can also add the antifreeze to the equipment. However, it is necessary to choose a reputed brand of antifreeze, otherwise, the antifreeze contains impurities, which will also damage to the equipment when it is stuck in the pipeline of components such as lasers. Antifreeze cannot be used as a substitute for pure water and ionized water. Be sure to replace it in time after the winter has passed.

The above several methods have an important role in the ability of the laser cutting machine to work properly and equipment safety in cold season. The first two methods are recommended. Method 1 saves time and effort but may cause damage to the laser cutting machine if it encounters a sudden power outage. Method 2 is quite laborious and wastes resources. But it is safer and more effective than the other two methods.


In the second year, before the laser cutting machine starts work, the mechanical equipment is started, the whole machine is inspected, and various oil materials and coolants are prepared without missing. It is necessary to fill in and replace in time, and the cause should be identified. In order to better improve the efficiency of the laser cutting machine.