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Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic Cutting

Acrylic Cutting Laser Vs Traditional



Acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass, is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has crystal-like transparency, soft light, and clear vision. Acrylic dyed with dye has a good color development effect. At the same time, it has good weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high-temperature performance.

Therefore, Acrylic is often used as a processing material by many manufacturers and plays a huge role in various industries such as advertising, transportation, medicine, architecture, lighting, and craft gifts.

The new material acrylic has crystal-like transparency, such as steel hardness, how to create a variety of acrylic products? Acrylic Cutting will be a good option.

Traditional processing

Conventional processing generally uses molding and mechanical cutting, but these are rough processing, long production cycle, and high processing accuracy. With the continuous improvement of product processing precision and product types, the traditional processing methods cannot meet the processing requirements of people.


Laser processing

Today, laser cutting machines use a flexible laser beam to make contactless processing of hard acrylic without directly crushing the material. The laser-cut acrylic has a dimensional accuracy of less than a millimeter, a smooth cut, and a more refined and delicate product. Due to the high precision of laser processing, crack-free slits, and smooth cuts, generally no post-processing is required, and patterns and shapes that cannot be completed by conventional methods can be produced. Therefore, laser cutting has gradually become the most common processing method for acrylic cutting.

Laser cutting machines are good products for processing acrylic materials, but they will cause some damage to the human body during processing, especially the eyes. Therefore, in the process of using the laser cutting machine to process the workpiece must be protected, after all, human life safety is the most important.