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Dedicated to Laser accessories for more than 10 years since the year of 2001.Our laser cutting head, with an advanced software platform, provides world-class manufacturers in automotive, plastics, electronics, consumer goods and more, a workforce multiplier that optimizes labor.

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With more than 10 years of experience in laser field, V-Laser has become one of the China most important providers of laser heads and control system for industrial laser machines. Our company’s mechatronic 3D laser head, extra-high power laser head, laser welding head, modular systems, and the rotary modules from V-Laser has already set a benchmark today in several applications. V-Laser is consistently expanding its module program for laser systems with the simple aim to further simplify operation and control.

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Various Exquisite Laser Products

Our products scope cover fiber laser cutting head (1000W to 9000W high power fiber laser cutting head,smart 3D laser cutting head), laser welding head (1000W to 6000W laser welding head,wobble welding head,galvanometer welding head,composite welding head), laser accessories(laser nozzles, laser optical lens and rings).

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